Tesla Recalls 15,000 Model X Vehicles over Power Steering Issue

Bolts on the housing could break, resulting in complete loss of power steering.

Today Tesla issued a recall on 2016 Model X vehicles built before mid-October 2016. NHTSA and Transport Canada found that the aluminum bolts that connect the power steering gear assist motor to the gear housing could corrode and break resulting in a loss of power steering.

The company said that if the bolts did break, the driver could continue to steer, but it would require more force.

Tesla stated that it was not aware of any injuries or collisions related to the issue and said it found that the corrosion issue was primarily observed in cold climates that use calcium or magnesium road salt rather than sodium chloride road salt. Regardless of the region you live in, it's always a good idea to take in your vehicle if it's part of a recall, especially if there's a chance the issue could affect control of the vehicle.

The recall affects 14,193 U.S. vehicles, plus 843 in Canada, and their owners will be contacted by Tesla to arrange a service appointment to make a fix.

The recall has not yet been listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall website.

Tesla said that it will apply 'a corrosion-preventative sealer' in recalled Model X vehicles just in case it will be used in a cold climate, and will replace steering gear on vehicles with broken bolts or bolts that cannot be removed. There will be no charge to owners for either service.

In 2018, 123,000 Model S cars built before April 2016 were recalled for the same issue.

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